Breaking News: Wet Noodle Antenna Company Re-Opens As Peanut Whistle Transmitters

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By WBØRUR, on the scene

WELLSBURG, Mo. – In a move which catches accountants, lawyers and bill collectors by surprise, the defunct Wet Noodle Antenna Company has re-opened and is doing business as Peanut Whistle Transmitters.
Earlier this year, Wet Noodle shuttered operations after 56 years of operation amid the sunspot doldrums of current Cycle 24. But Macy Blixton, son of founder John Blixton, says the doors are open again with a new product line.

“We’re building cheap, poorly spec’d, almost non-functioning QRP transmitters,” says Blixton.

“We were cleaning out the warehouse and discovered a huge cache of empty Sucrets tins. We don’t know where they came from, but we are going to use them to house the devices.”

Three shifts of employees are working 6 days a week to construct the initial product offering, the “Peanut Whistle 250,” a quarter watt CW transmitter that is crystal controlled and optimized for 21.054 MHz.

Famous for poor antenna products, Wet Noodle antennas were designed to perform only under the best propagation and operating conditions. The “Peanut Whistle” transmitter, built inside the Sucrets tin, will carry on that tradition,” says Blixton, proudly.

“When we hit the next sunspot cycle peak in April of 2023, you might be able to make a contact with the device. We’ll be stocked up and ready to sell these things like hot cakes.”



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