Big Changes Coming To Field Day

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By WBØRUR, on the scene

NEWINGSTEAD, VT — In a controversial decision, the National Radio Retransmission Legion (NRRL) will no longer accept Field Day score summaries on paper beginning next year.

The organization had no choice, says NRRL Director of Contests and Promotions Dr. Johnson Longsville.

“This year we received over 1,200 hand written log entries,” says Longsville. “And about 80% of them are illegible.”

The contest director says it’s not poor hand writing which creates the issue, but food.

“This year we saw it all. One club entry was complete with smeared apple pie and Cool Whip.  Another included BBQ sauce. One club even submitted an entire chicken salad sandwich with their entry…and the mayonnaise ran all over the bonus point section. Completely illegible.”

Longsville provides this breakdown of “foreign particulates” submitted with entries.

logspill1. Coffee and or creamer stains: 462

2. Cherry pie (or other fruit) filling: 276

3. Mustard/ketchup/alternative condiment: 194

4.  Bacon grease and fried egg: 143

5. Fosters Beer: 1

Longsville says in the future, clubs must download a 4.5 terabyte logging and score-keeping app, submit a pass code request from NRRL, and run Linux Red Hat version 2.8 on a 8GB ram desktop computer.

Additionally, uploads to the NRRL computer must be made with a Level 4 VPN secure connection similar to those used in the NORAD Command Center.

“We know it’s a bit of a difficult process for most clubs to get this set up,” says Longsville.

“But it’s still easier than setting up Logbook of the World.”


photo credit: kc7fys via photopin cc


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