Ham Radio Q&A

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Got ham radio questions? We’ve got answers of some sort! Submit your question to noiseblankers@gmail.com and our crack team of researchers* will post answers here. Click on the questions to reveal the answers.
*Researchers could mean one or any of the following: PhD students, our plumber or no-code Technicians.


Dear Ham Hijinks…

[toggle style=”closed” title=”What’s the best frequency to operate on 40 meters? Sincerely, New Op”]Dear New Op, probably a couple times a week! 73![/toggle]

[toggle style=”closed” title=”I want to erect a dipole with two 82 foot legs on my 100 foot lot. Any suggestions? Sincerely, Land Locked”]Dear Land Locked, buy a vertical! 73![/toggle]

[toggle style=”closed” title=”Newly licensed Technician here! I got this sharp Yaesu VX-3R HT and it works great into the local VHF repeater. Thing is, these guys are kinda boring. Is this the best ham radio has to offer? With hope, Bored to Silence”]Dear Silence, we hope we didn’t mislead you. Yes, it’s the best we have. You might try buying more radios, to make yourself feel better, like us. 73![/toggle]

[toggle style=”closed” title=”I got a Baofeng UV5R for my wife. How did I do? Thanks, Betrothed in Bedford.”]Dear Betrothed, sounds like a good trade! 73![/toggle]

[toggle style=”closed” title=”My neighbor says my new off-center-fed dipole is ugly. What should I do? Sincerely, Sensitive Receive.”]Dear Sensitive, We heard your neighbor said your hair was ugly, too. Going to the barber tonight? Of course not! Carry on, OM! 73![/toggle]

[toggle style=”closed” title=”I’ve always wanted to be a policeman. Sometimes I walk outside and yell ‘UP! UP! UP!’ at cars. Where do I apply? Thanks, Brainless in Seattle.”]Dear Brainless, Sounds like you’re already on the job! Now go to the lower end of 20m phone and get those DX chasers transmitting UP where they belong! 73![/toggle]