Amorous Ham Only Confirms QSOs Ending in 88s

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By WBØRUR, on the scene

HORSESHOE LAKE, WISCONSIN – The monthly meeting of the Radio Badgers Amateur Radio Club took a sour turn last night as a new member began describing his unusual operating practices.

Pausing a moment from their buffet of crumb cake and finger sandwiches, members looked on as Gianni Balboa (of 194 Billabong Lane) began explaining that he “only logs QSOs that end with 88s.”

“At first, I tried to log all my QSOs,” says Balboa, who moved to Direfield County last month. “But it got overwhelming. So instead of the normal 73, I started giving out 88s. You’d be surprised how many people responded the same way.”

Balboa, a self-described ladies’ man who stays in shape by lifting Hammerlund amplifiers on his days off, says he’ll send QSL cards to everyone who wants one, but he has a stack of “special QSLs” for the YLs.

photo credit: leonfhl The look before a new venture via photopin (license)

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