“AGAIN-AGAIN?” Ohio Ham Accidently Sets Guiness World Record

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By WBØRUR, on the scene

DONCHESTERVILLE, Ohio – A Buckeye state ham radio operator has earned world-wide recognition…and did it accidentally.

Calvin Smithpeters is very proud of his record-setting achievement.

Calvin Smithpeters is very proud of his record-setting achievement.

Calvin Smithpeters, a General-class licensee, has been an amateur radio operator for 25 years. He says he received a phone call a few days ago notifying him that he’d earned a spot in the upcoming 2014 version of the famous Guinness Book of World Records.

“I was working some 40 meter SSB,” says Smithpeters. “The phone rang downstairs and Mildred didn’t believe who it was at first. She kept the representative on the line until I could get there.”

According to the London, England-based record keeping organization, Smithpeters requested information be re-transmitted repeatedly during a QSO with Paul Evers (another U.S. ham located in Reno, Nevada).

The representative told Smithpeters he had set a new record for “Asking An Amateur Radio Operator to Repeat Information in an On-Going QSO.”

“It truly is an outstanding feat, even if the category is fairly obscure,” says Oliver Newcastle-Ipswitch, Guiness’ Director of Notifications. “Mr. Smithpeters asked for a signal report 17 times. He asked for Mr. Evers to repeat his name 28 times. And he requested the QTH be repeated over 3 dozen times. Truly remarkable in a 15 minute conversation!”

While proud to be included in the world-renown publication, Smithpeters says next time he’ll wait until his wife is finished using the food blender before he starts a QSO.

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  • You forgot to mention that Calvin gave a 59 signal report;-)

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