75 Meter Lids Vow To Take Back Title

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By WBØRUR, on the scene

BURBANK, Ariz. –The group of n’er-do-well hams who call the 75 meter band home (and fill the airwaves with disgusting sounds, comments and vulgar language) have vowed to take back the title of “Most Vile Ham Radio Operators” after relinquishing the honor to relatively new upstarts.

These 75 Meter LIDS asked us to hide their identity.

These 75 Meter LIDS asked us to hide their identity.

“We really have let our standards slip,” says an anonymous ham – a patron of the 75 meter frequencies for years. “Used to be, a few ██████ and a couple of ██████ and you were golden. But not so much anymore. Nowadays, you really need to be able to insult race and political positions, ██████. And woe be to the ████████████ ham who doesn’t have a quick library of sound effects to draw upon at the push of a button.”

Over the past 5 years, aggressive recruiting of prolific obscenity-prone hams to 14.313 MHz and – more recently – to 7.200 MHz have cut the 75 meter band membership in half.

“It won’t come easy. We’ll have to ████████████ rebuild our base. Plans are for several hamfest workshops across the country. These sessions will include curse word workbooks and ██████ laminated quick reference guides that hams may keep on their ██████ operating desks.”

The group admits they may never overcome the 14.313 MHz daytime propagation advantages, but feel they should be able to win strongly in the evening hours as long as those ████████████ foreign broadcast stations don’t interfere.

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